VFR Flying Aids — Are They Worth Using?

Someone at the local flying club asked me recently: “Why do you use so many navigation aids for each of your flights?”. A good question.

I explained that, like every industry, technology improves efficiency. It makes your life easier. In the case of aviation, technology ultimately reduces the workload involved in single IFR & VFR flying. In my opinion, technology even makes some pilots lazy

Navigational aids — such as self-adhesive Compass Rose Stickers — are a simple advancement in the aviation world. They’re just stickers, and they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase compared with GPS packages. Of course Compass Rose Stickers aren’t going to navigate you to your chosen destination, but they are however very handy when approaching an unfamiliar aerodrome. (Plus I don’t feel like i’m ‘cheating’ too much by using them).


Self-Adhesive Compass Rose Flight Stickers

Pooley’s sell their own branded pack of 10 clear & self-adhesive Compass Rose Flight Stickers, designed for flight navigation using topographical charts. Popularly used by flying schools, the stickers visually mark key locations such as Private strips, Helipads or a Balloon launch. This was the first VFR aid I used myself.


Pooleys VFR Flying Aids (Compass Rose Stickers)


► Key Features
  • 10x stickers to a pack
  • Transparent/clear design prevents flying charts from becoming cluttered
  • 70mm diameter in size
  • Reusable multiple times.
  • Tried & tested by flight students and instructors
  • All Compass Rose Sticker packs arrive in a protective plastic sleeve.


► The Price

The packs sold by Pooley’s are priced at £4.75 inc. VAT. They’re widely available from a variety of online stores, including Pooley’s (obviously) and Flightstore. They’re a useful addition to your flight bag, especially if you like to fly to new airfields.

But in my opinion, the price is a little too high. And here’s where Fly GA comes in…


► A Cheaper Alternative

So… we’ve established that:

  • VFR flying aids are worth using (and it’s hardly ‘cheating’).
  • Pooley’s Compass Rose Stickers are a good, well-recognised product.

But, at £4.75+ (not including postage) they’re pretty expensive, right?

Fly GA offers comparatively better value, selling Compass Rose Stickers in a bigger pack of 12, at an introductory price of just £2.99 from Amazon UK. Furthermore, orders of £20+ benefit from free postage.

We promise to keep our prices below competitors. That’s precisely why many flight schools are already recommending our VFR flying aids to their students.

You can purchase a pack of 12 Fly GA Compass Rose Stickers from our Amazon UK store:

Fly GA Compass Rose Stickers (12 Pack) – Pilot Clear/Adhesive Topological Flight Navigation

  • Charlie

    Definitely not cheating to use compass stickers 🙂