Using Basic VFR Flying Aids — Compass Rose Stickers

In every industry, technology improves efficiency. In the case of aviation, technology ultimately reduces the pilot’s workload in single IFR & VFR. But in my opinion, technology such as GPS devices have made pilots a bit lazy, and they take away an element of the fun.

That’s why I predominantly use only basic navigational aids — such as self-adhesive Compass Rose Stickers. They’re particularly handy when approaching an unfamiliar aerodrome. Granted, they don’t exactly navigate you to your chosen destination. But when I use them, I don’t feel that i’m “cheating”.

Compass Rose Stickers are relatively inexpensive. Let’s take a look at the options…


Self-Adhesive Compass Rose Flight Stickers

Pooley’s sell their own branded pack of 10 clear & self-adhesive Compass Rose Stickers, designed for flight navigation using topographical charts. Popularly used by flying schools, the stickers visually mark key locations such as Private strips, Helipads or a Balloon launch. This was the first VFR aid I used myself.



Pooleys VFR Flying Aids (Compass Rose Stickers)


► Key Features
  • 10x stickers to a pack
  • Transparent/clear design prevents flying charts from becoming cluttered
  • 70mm diameter in size
  • Reusable multiple times.
  • Tried & tested by flight students and instructors
  • All Compass Rose Sticker packs arrive in a protective plastic sleeve.

The main criticism I have of the Pooley’s compass stickers is their large 70mm (diameter) size. It’s often impractical to have such a large sticker on the map. Regardless, overall I still find them a useful addition to my flight bag.


► The Price

The packs sold by Pooley’s are priced at £4.75 including VAT. Then there’s the delivery charge on top. They’re available from flight stores — including Pooley’s (obviously) and Flightstore.

With the delivery charge factored in, the price is a little too steep. I recommend that you explore the Fly GA option…


► Fly GA Compass Rose Stickers — A Cheaper Alternative

So far we’ve established that:

  • VFR flying aids are worth using, and are helpful for marking key locations on a topographical map.
  • Pooley’s Compass Rose Stickers are useful — but are a pricey, and slightly too big.


Fly GA offers comparatively better value

Our Compass Rose Stickers come in a bigger pack of 12, and are offered at a price of just £3.97 from Amazon UK. Plus they’re more conveniently sized, with a 42mm diameter. Furthermore, orders of £20+ benefit from free postage.

Compass Rose Flight Stickers (12 Pack) - Flight Equipment for PPL

£3.97 From Amazon


We promise to keep our prices below competitors. That’s precisely why several UK flight schools already recommend our VFR flying aids to their students.


  • Charlie

    Definitely not cheating to use compass stickers 🙂