3 Simple Steps For Starting Out As An Aviation Student

Whether you’re looking to become a professional pilot, or to complete only part of the journey, you start out with the PPL course. Here’s 3 simple steps for starting out as an aviation student.

Flight Experiences

Before you begin the 3 steps you could try a flying experience first. I recommend using Buyagift.com, who currently offer introductory lessons across various flight schools around the UK.

Ready? OK, let’s get started!

#1 Use Our Flight School Finder

You’ll need to find a flight school that provides the course you want. This is usually the PPL. Finding a suitable Flight School is very simple:

  1. Decide where in the UK you want to start learning to fly. Select that region from our Flight School map.
  2. Start emailing or phoning up flight schools to enquire about their packages and rates.
  3. Arrange a date, and start learning to fly!
Tip: shop around for the best value deal. Course prices vary drastically from school to school.

#2 Purchase Specialist Aviation Equipment

Once you’ve started your flying course you should ensure that you’re well prepared with the right equipment. You’ll be at a disadvantage in your PPL if you don’t invest in specialist aviation products & tools.

For the full list of recommended equipment, read my post: What Equipment Do I Need To Buy For The PPL? 

Where do I buy aviation equipment from?

I recommend purchasing aviation equipment from the popular, most reliable online flight stores:

Tip: often very similar items are more expensive at one shop than another. Compare prices before you buy.

Fly GA Products

Whilst we don’t provide everything you need for your PPL, we do manufacture several tools that give students an edge in carrying out their PPL examinations…

The Fly GA MR-1 Diversion Ruler aids PPL students on the diversion segment of their course.

Aviation Student PPL Diversion Ruler

Our growing range of Aviation Products, such as the MR-1 Diversion Ruler, can be purchased via our Amazon store.

#3 Practice Your PPL Theory 

When the time comes, you’ll need to practice your PPL(A) theory on each of the 9 PPL Subjects. This is where Fly GA’s AeroExam gives you a huge advantage.

AeroExam is our in-browser PPL Question Bank. It provides over 4,000 official EASA PPL(A) syllabus questions (on all 9 subjects), as well as 1,200 key word definitions. By focusing on your weaker topics, you’ll be able draw from our growing question bank in order improve your knowledge of the PPL syllabus and succeed in your examinations.

AeroExam enables aviation students to thoroughly test their knowledge on the PPL syllabus.

Aviation Student PPL Exam Bank Test Software