TA-1 Flight Fuel Calculation Ruler (Plotter)

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Fly GA MR-1 Fuel Calculation Ruler (Plotter)



The TA-1 Fuel Calculation Ruler is unique, multi-purpose fuel situational awareness tool. Designed and manufactured by Fly GA, the handy TA-1 Ruler aids the Pilot In Command (PIC) on his fuel status during VFR conditions. There’s no other competing product of this kind available on the market.


The simple yet highly detailed Fuel Calculation Ruler enables pilots to quickly identify how much fuel they have left at any time during flight up to 240 minutes after takeoff. Figures are based on the Cessna 152 — the aeroplane most commonly used for PPL flight training. Rulers are scaled at 1:500,000, featuring up to 55nm.


The compact TA-1 Fuel Calculation Ruler manages to include  conversion table for the 3 fuel measuring units most commonly used in the aviation industry — Litres, US Gallons & Imperial Gallons. Pilots are therefore able to quickly convert units into other metrics without the need to memorise numbers.

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  • White/Black contrast makes figures easy to read-off during flight
  • Conversion table shows Fuel burn (Litres) up to 240 minutes after takeoff
  • Figures based on the Cessna 152
  • Sufficient for use in the the planning & navigation legs of the skills test
  • Includes a conversion table for Litres, US Gallons & Imperial Gallons
  • 55nm scaled at 1:500,000
  • Disclaimer reminds pilots that they are responsible for ensuring the safe conduct of any flight
  • Built to the exact specifications of flight instructors & PPL students
  • All Flight Diversion Rulers arrive in a protective plastic sleeve.
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