Our PPL Blog — Your Guide To Becoming A Pilot

Have you noticed all the recent activity on the Fly GA PPL Blog?

We want to be the starting point for learner pilots in the UK. So we’ve made every effort to build out our collection of tools & resources — including the Flight School Finder, Aviation Products — and now the PPL Blog which you’re on right now.

The contributors of the PPL Blog are drawing from their own flying experience & knowledge to create a FREE PPL(A) guide. Let’s show you around…


Our PPL Blog — The Categories

► Start Flying

Starting out as a Pilot…I remember it well. It was incredibly confusing. There’s so much jargon for a beginner to decrypt.

So you’re interesting in aviation and decide to browse the internet for ways to learn to fly. I recall feeling a little like I was being bombarded with acronyms, rules & regulations, aviation products, aircraft types, expenses, licence types, ratings, etc. If i hadn’t been so interested in becoming a pilot i probably would have been totally put right there and then!

Part of the issue is that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) website isn’t great. So a lot of information you stumble across is a flight school who wants your business. They’re not aiming to teach you much about flying — they just want to get you in the door. Schools always praise their own methods,products, facilities and so on. You need to have a 3rd party perspective on whether they offer you what you need…

… and that’s precisely how our Start Flying section of the PPL Blog aims to guide you.


Start Flying


► Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

So where do you learn more about what’s involved in the PPL course and its 9 subjects?

Often the information you’ll stumble across from Google is contained in forums. But rooting through threads isn’t particularly practical, and often the material is outdated (depending on how active the forum is). It’s easier if you’re able to read up-to-date information in one place.

Some PPL blogs are particularly helpful for this. They tend to document every step of their own journey, including the biggest challenges they’ve overcome. I enjoy reading the following:

The only minor criticism I have of most PPL Blogs is that information on specific topics doesn’t ‘jump out’ at the reader.

What we’re doing here at Fly GA is a little different to the above examples. Since I already hold a PPL licence, I’m not documenting my progress. Instead I’m aiming to create a collection of easy-to-find resources for learner pilots, injecting my past experiences where I feel it’ll be helpful. My thoughts and views are all in hindsight as opposed to along the way.

We’re currently working on developing more content for each of the 9 PPL Subjects.


Private Pilot Licence


► Beyond the PPL

The Beyond the PPL section of the Blog is where i’m currently at myself, i.e. extending my PPL(A) licence with additional courses and ratings. So my plan for this section is to:

  • Outline each of the options available to pilots the completion of the PPL course. So far i’ve listed several options, with details of a typical course structure. I will continue to improve the information using any personal experiences from the courses.
  • Document my post-PPL experiences along the way. Much like other PPL Blogs, I aim to document my own development in a ‘diary entry’ format.


Beyond The PPL


► General & Miscellaneous

This section has multiple purposes. So far it includes information on:

  • Fly GA — what we’re currently up to (e.g. aviation product development)
  • Aviation Resources — lists of helpful contacts/websites, encompassing all areas of aviation.
  • Product reviews — an unbiased perspective on what tools student pilots ought to purchase, and those that are, in our opinion, expendable.

We anticipate a lot more material will land in this section, so keep posted and subscribe to the Newsletter!


General & Miscellaneous