How To Find Your Local Flight School (UK Only)

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Looking for your local UK Flight School? Whether you want to begin flying lessons for your PPL or to extend your existing licence, we’ve got the most extensive & up-to-date directory of aviation contacts.

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► I want to know more about Flying before I start lessons

Sure. Just have a read over our Introduction To General Aviation & Flying. This will provide you with all the basic information you need as an absolute beginner. The Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL) is the first step of the journey, and the area we specialise in.


► I already have my PPL. Where do I go for the next phase of my licence?

You’ll need to ask schools whether they offer the specific course you want. In many cases they’ll cater to your requirements.

Unsure of what the next phase(s) of your licence are? 

Take a look at the below diagram to recap. To learn more about what’s involved in each specific phase, I recommend reading the posts from the Beyond the PPL section of our Sky Blog.

  • Grey boxes are completed in any order.
  • PPL requires a Class 2 Medical or above. Commercial pilots must have a Class 1.


► My UK Flight School isn’t on the School Finder

Please contact with your business name, address, website, email and contact number. We’ll list it asap.